Defence Secondary Roles

In line with the secondary roles of the ZDF, the organization is mandated to do the following:

  • a) Contribute to national economic, industrial and technological development.
  • b) Undertake community assistance programmes.
  • c) Provide support to Civil Ministries and Parastatals.
  • d) To fulfil international obligations and responsibilities with regard to international treaties and other states in the field of support operations, collective security, confidence and security building measures and humanitarian relief activities.

In line with provisions of the Ottawa Convention, the ZDF through the ZNA is presently uplifting and destroying landmines that were planted by the colonial Smith’s regime during the war of liberation. 

It is estimated that between 1976 and 1979, 3 000 000 buried and 200 000 surface anti­personnel mines were laid in six distinct minefields in the northern and south eastern borders of the country covering a total distance of 850 km. Agriculture and tourism activities are now possible in cleared once mine-infested areas.

Research and Development

Research and development capacity in the ZDF is being enhanced in liaison with local industry and institutions of higher learning. 

The aim of the collaboration is developing import substitution and value addition capacity to local industries. The goal is to achieve self-reliance in the areas of critical technology and systems.

Community Assistance

The ZDF undertake a Community Assistance Week prior to the main ZDF Day celebrations held in August of each year. 

The spirit and purpose of the Community Assistance Week is to foster cordial civil-military relations, engender self-reliance and educate members of the society on the role of the ZDF during peace time. 

The ZDF mark this week by conducting short-term health, construction and maintenance projects across the country.