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The Ministry of Defence and War Veterans Affairs is an intergrated organization comprising the Minister, as the political head of the Ministry, Civil Service Personnel and the Zimbabwe Defence Forces Headquaters top heirachy and its staff.

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President ED
ZDF Commander in Chief

What We Do

To provide the defence, security and protection of the country’s territorial integrity and national sovereignty; protect the country’s socio-economic wellbeing; play its legitimate international role in strengthening peace and security and co-ordinate issues relating to the administration of the War Veterans.

  • Chair the National Joint Operations Command 
  • Formulate defence policies and programmes
  • Give policy guidance to the Army and Airforce
  • Control staff establishments of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces and co-ordinate their operations
  • Undertake defence planning, administration and inter-force co-ordination
  • Undertake manpower planning for the Defence Forces
  • Procure and produce defence equipment and supplies
  • Ensure that peace and security prevail in the country
  • Plan and manage the Public-Sector Investment Programme (PSIP) for the Defence Forces
  • Provide financial, administrative and human resources management support services
  • Vet, register and document all bona fide Veterans of the Liberation Struggle.
  • Create and maintain accurate database of bona fide Veterans of the Liberation Struggle.
  • Enforce access to and manage statutory welfare entitlements of eligible Veterans of the Liberation Struggle, War Victims and Heroes Dependents.
  • Organise and unify the Veterans of the Liberation Struggle.
  • Oversee and enforce the recognition and respect of the rights of Veterans of the Liberation Struggle.
  • Institute measures in cooperation with other relevant Government institutions, to accurately record, document and preserve the history of the Liberation Struggle.
  • Institute measures to economically empower and improve the livelihoods of Veterans of the Liberation Struggle.
  • Administer funerals of Veterans of the Liberation Struggle other than National Heroes.
  • Maintain internal and external liaison channels to do with Veterans of the Liberation Struggle.

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